Inayati Healing Order (UK)

Offering spiritual healing and counselling, courses and training, in London and regional centres

The Inayati Healing Order (IHO), formerly called the Sufi Healing Order, was founded in 1921 by the Sufi mystic and renowned musician, Hazrat Inayat Khan, with the purpose to ‘awaken humanity to a greater realization of the power of the divine spirit to heal’. Since then it has been sharing the treasure of spiritual wisdom and training for healing throughout the world. 

Today in the UK the IHO offers healing, training and retreats for all who are interested in:

  • Distant healing for individuals through the Healing Service in circles around the country. To receive distant healing, please phone NurJamil on 01974 831091 or Hadia on 01926 770074  giving your name and phone number. If you are phoning for another person, please ask for their agreement to be on the healing list. Please renew your request after a month.
  • Distant healing for the world through the Circle of Prayer
  • Training in healing and self-healing through evening meetings, day workshops and courses around the country and in London, and a locally run Introductory Course for those who choose to become more involved.
  • Healing retreats of one to four days.
  • Further development programmes for members, healers and teachers.

If you would like to speak with someone for your personal need, or about the IHO, you are welcome to phone NurJamil on 01974 831091.

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